About Us

Harvest is an Irish Music Duo for Flute and Guitar based in Lucerne, Switzerland. It's two main members are Zoë Shannon and Gregor Obrist. Zoë originally comes from Dublin, Ireland while Greg hails from Neuenkirch, Switzerland. The two met in Lucerne in 2009 when Zoë joined the Irish music group Pubside Down, where Greg was playing guitar… and the rest is history! Since then, they have been playing together regularly either as a duo or in various other formations. Zoë and Greg live together in Neuenkirch but frequently spend time in Ireland visiting their family and friends and touring the countryside with their instruments, playing live music.


Greg studied guitar at the Jazz school in Lucerne and St. Gallen and did an MAS in pop music at the conservatory of Berne. He is the principal guitarist for various groups including; Harvest, Pubside Down, Pink Bliss, Silhouette Tales, and Baby Genius. He is also a music producer, and enjoys his role teaching at the PH Lucerne.


Zoë studied classical music at Maynooth University (Ireland) and the Musikhochschule Lucerne (Switzerland). She has extensive classical training in Piano studies but has excelled in her flute playing and specialises in Irish music performances. She enjoys bringing classical sound elements into Irish music arrangements. She plays with Harvest, Pubside Down, and various other classical music ensembles in Switzerland, England and Ireland.

Our music embodies folk music; Irish traditional music and other folk styles combined with elements of the sound worlds we grew up listening to and have been inspired by. Our joy of playing together and our aesthetic for sound is transmitted to our audience through our virtuosic instrumentation combined with our carefully thought out arrangements.